107-Year-Old Woman Allie Candler Retains 'Heart for Missions' by Donating to Missions

Jun 01, 2017 07:32 AM EDT

Allie Candler is one story of faith and passion to inspire you that even when you are old, God can still use you if you are willing to serve Him and His people.

A retired Southern Baptist Missionary, Candler told the Baptist Press that God has called her into missions two weeks after dedicating her life to God when a preacher asked "You've been saved, but have you dedicated your life to Him?" That day, she "came down to the altar and prayed, "I'm ready to be used if You can use me." She further added that Satan "tried to dissuade her from telling anyone about her call." And in response to the attack, she said, "Devil, I didn't have anything to do with it. The Lord called me."  She was 22 years old at that time.

As mentioned in my previous article about the whole armor of God, our battles as believers are spiritual and the devil is the real enemy. Like, Candler, it is normal for believers to experience such attacks as long as we are girded with God's truth, faith, and hope.

Candler used to serve as a missionary in Virginia as well as in Kobe, Japan with the Foreign Mission Board (now known as International Mission Board). Her family also served God wherein her two of her brothers served as Baptist preachers and her youngest sister marrying a minister.

Now 107 years old, Candler continues to support Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions (AAEO). Furthermore, Annie Armstrong wrote in their Facebook page that Candler said "You can't out-give God" given that her donations for 7 years in a row "are only a drop in the ocean of God's provision."

Candler believes that God has equipped her for these two purposes: to advocate for and equip people for "mission involvements and helping young people discover the Lord's will for their lives." She lives by telling people about Jesus.

Like Candler, God can use you too in ways you have not imagined. God doesn't look at age, height, physical appearance, social status, etc. If God could convert a murderer and use him such as the Apostle Paul, He can move into your life as well.

You simply need to wholeheartedly dedicate your life to Him and tell Him that you also wanted to be used by Him. Nothing is impossible to those who believe.