CBN President Says End Times Prophecies Being Fulfilled with Israel: 'I'm Looking Forward to What God is Going to Do'

( [email protected] ) Jun 02, 2017 12:45 PM EDT
CBN president Gordon Robertson, son of Pat Robertson, has said he believes end times prophecies being fulfilled with the nation of Israel.
In recent years, more Jews have returned home to Israel. (Photo showing Jerusalem, the Holy City of Israel) Pixabay/restaurandocoracoes

CBN president Gordon Robertson, son of Pat Robertson, has said he believes end times prophecies being fulfilled with the nation of Israel.

"One of the bad parts about prophecy in the Old Testament is the prophecy that all the nations in the world will gather against Israel," Robertson told The Christian Post. "In my absolute amazement the U.N. passed a resolution in December of 2016 condemning Israel and calling its ownership of East Jerusalem a blatantly illegal occupation. We're seeing the set up for that, for me we're in the time where we wait for the appearing of Elijah."

"The next thing to happen in the periodic time clock is the restoration of Israel and all the events in the Valley of the vision in Ezekiel 37 is God promising that He would put His Spirit in them," he added. "We're seeing the beginnings of that."

Robertson noted that the "innovation pouring out of" Israel is "miraculous" - even though it's merely the size of New Jersey.

"We're seeing that evidence and we're seeing a spiritual birth of the orthodox community not just in Israel but all around the world," he said. "It's growing and growing rapidly so things are happening and we need to understand from a prophetic point of view, a biblical point of view this is exactly what God promised, that there would be a flowering of Israel once again."

"The first time He created that nation, some pretty amazing things happened and a wonderful book was written," he stated. "I'm looking forward to the new things God is going to do with Israel."

As reported, Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics in April revealed that Israel's Jewish population today has risen to about 6.5 million - and estimated that by 2048, Israel's global population would have grown to 15.2 million.

Today, 43 percent of the global Jewish population now resides in Israel, and if current trends continue, the majority of the world's Jewish population will soon reside in Israel.

For many Jews, the population statistics reveal a "major turning point" toward the third inheritance of Israel, or the prophesied return of the Jews to Israel, according to Breaking Israel News.

"It's all about sanctifying the Name of God,"  Mark Blitz, author of 'God's Day Timer,' told WND. "God's name is sanctified by the regathering of Jews back to the Land. God made a promise to give them the land of Israel so if they are not there, to the nations He becomes either a liar or an impotent God who never was able to fulfill His promise."

Blitz said he believes the generation that witnesses Jerusalem being built up will also be the generation that witnesses the return of Christ. He advised believers to take notice of what the prophets of Israel are saying.

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