Miracle Healing, Released by the Power of Prayer, Touches Comatose Pastor on the Verge of Death

A preacher from California, diagnosed with uterine cancer, experienced a quick decline in her health until she fell into a coma and faced death, but was dramatically revived in a miraculous healing as intercessors fought for her life through the power of prayer.
Pastor Carol Waisanen was diagnosed with uterine cancer and doctors said she would not survive, but God's miracle healing helped her recover. Solid Rock Restoration Church

A preacher from California, diagnosed with uterine cancer, experienced a quick decline in her health until she fell into a coma and faced death, but was dramatically revived in a miraculous healing as intercessors fought for her life through the power of prayer. 

On May 7, Carol Waisanen, who co-pastors Solid Rock Restoration Church in Riverside, with her husband Don, delivered a powerful sermon about "Facing Your Giants."

Talking about how everyone, like Abraham, faces giants in life, she encouraged the congregation to put their hope and faith in God "when all human hope is gone as a possibility," according to God Reports.

"Have you ever gone through a trial and felt like you were staggering? When everything looks impossible - dead - you can still say you believe in the impossible?" she addressed the church.

When evening came, Carol started throwing up. Over the next several days, her condition became worse.

On May 12, her husband brought her to Kaiser Hospital in Fontana, where doctors diagnosed her with uterine cancer. Apparently, a tumor caused a blockage in her abdomen, causing the vomiting and other symptoms.

Her health quickly declined. The tumor grew to three times its size and affected other organs. Her body suffered from serious infections, pneumonia and blood clots. Carol fell into a coma.

"All of her vital signs were disintegrating fast," Don said. "Her condition was so grave that the doctors only gave her a 3% chance of survival and predicted that she probably wouldn't last the next 24 hours."

As Carol's condition turned for the worst, doctors advised Don to prepare for Carol's funeral. That same day, a group of intercessors went to the hospital and prayed for Carol in the waiting room.

The following day, Carol was released from the ICU and was transferred to hospice care, which meant the doctors were expecting her body to give up anytime.

At this point, she was in "tremendous pain," Don recalled. His wife made a request to not be "sustained by artificial means," leaving Don with uncertainty about how to deal with the situation. Yet he would not give her up as he clung to the hope that his wife would be healed.

He asked the doctors to "continue to give her water and nutrition."

The church called for a prayer vigil for Carol scheduled on the evening of May 25.

"We are asking every church, pastor, teacher, intercessor and believer who has been touched by the life of Pastor Carol, to join with us on Thursday night at 7 pm to bombard heaven with a prayer for complete healing and restoration in accordance with Psalm 118:17. '(She) shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord,'" Solid Rock Restoration Church posted on its Facebook page.

"Our prayers will make a difference, because miracles still happen. Jesus has not changed, 'He is the same yesterday, today and forever,' His power has not abated," the post said.

Word about Carol's condition reached people outside the church, and people from other states like Texas and Nevada, and from other countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, joined the prayer and engaged in warfare for Carol's health.

That night, something happened that the medical professionals did not expect: Carol snapped out of the coma and began to speak.

Within hours, her pneumonia was gone, her breathing became normal and her organs started to function properly.

Carol's doctors said it was "the most amazing thing they've ever seen."

Don rejoiced at his wife's improvement.

"This is the most incredible, Lazarus-like story of healing I've ever personally experienced," he said.

"We believed God could intervene. All signs indicated that the end was near. She didn't die but lives to declare the works of the Lord," he said.

Upon learning of the positive developments about Carol's health, the church posted an update on Facebook.

"PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING! Pastor Carol lives!" the church said. "She has continued to improve since the Prayer Vigil on Thursday Night. She has come out of the coma, the pneumonia has disappeared, white blood cells normal and all vital signs have returned to normal."

"We were told she would die within 24 hours ... BUT GOD! And God's people prayed the prayer of faith and the Lord raised her up. Continue to pray for her strength and complete restoration. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness."

The hospital sent Carol home on May 31.

"I believe she will do well at home," Don said. "At home she will have peace and tranquility. I think it is important to stress that she is still in a fragile condition.  We are believing God, in spite of medical prognosis, for complete healing and restoration."

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