Muslims In Malaysia And Their Fragile Faith

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6 June 2017: Muslims in Malaysia once again dictate the way other religions should worship, using the “veto” card of “insulting Islam” yet again in latest debacle concerning a closed door ‘Jerusalem Jubilee’ prayer meeting by Christians for the healing of the country. This has led to the event being canceled, but the threats and insults against the minority Christians continue in the month of Ramadan where self-control is supposed to be an objective of fasting.
Muslim NGOs and activists protest against a Christian prayer meeting in Malaysia. New Straits Times

Malaysia’s fragile Muslims come under the global spotlight once again that focuses on the incredulity of the situation. 32 police reports were lodged by various Muslim NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and other Islam-based religious bodies upon hearing about the All-Malaysian Golden Gate Convocation that is to be held from 15 to 18 June, 2017, at the Calvary Life Assembly Chinese in the state of Malacca. These Muslims claim that the celebration is a ‘Zionist-themed’ one, and supposedly celebrates the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine. Malaysia has no diplomatic ties with Israel, although just like the rest of the world, the Muslims here have no choice but to make use of Jewish inventions every single day. From the microprocessors in their computers and smartphones to medical technology that help save their lives, it is rather confounding to see these Muslims froth at the mouth at the mention of ‘Israel’ and ‘Jew’.

The Muslims who lodged the police reports claim that there is a ‘Zionist agenda’ to establish a ‘network between the Christians and the Jews’. Muslims were also urged not to be fooled into participating in the program, where the program clearly stated in its flyer that this is a Christian event only, and non-Muslims are not allowed to join. Many among the NGOs and Islamic bodies also claim that this event is an affront to Muslims in the month of Ramadan as it ‘insults Islam’ and is ‘insensitive to the feelings of Muslims’.

The organizers of the All-Malaysian Golden Gate Convocation have since cancelled the event on their own accord. The peace-loving Christians certainly do not want any kind of trouble in the country, but the potential bloodshed, violence and threats dispensed by these Muslim NGOs have been duly taken into consideration. The church that was supposed to host the prayer meeting had all references and posts concerning the event removed from their Facebook page, such is the seriousness of the threats by Muslims in Malaysia who are supposed to exhibit gentleness all the more in the month of Ramadan.

The Home Minister Ahmad Zahid also weighed in with his two cents, claiming that he has the power to ban the event from happening. He went ahead to proclaim the ban, but somehow his internal logic circuit board failed him. You cannot ban what has already been cancelled. Perhaps it is a symptom of a peacock strutting its feathers just to let everyone know that he thinks he is relevant to society at large.

It is rather sad that the majority of the other Muslims in the country have remained silent on the matter, even though when approached individually, they say that they are not threatened or are not insulted by the event since it has nothing to do with them. Unless this group of Muslims start to express themselves and break free from the mould that they are not to question ulamas and the state religious authorities, the minorities in Malaysia will continue to experience oppression, and in due time, persecution is sure to come. One can already see the trajectory of Muslims in Malaysia that is slowly but surely going down the path of Wahhabism and Salafist ideologies, having nearly devoured the gentle Malay culture that has stood for centuries.

Is the average Malaysian Muslim a vampire?
The faith of Muslims in Malaysia is portrayed to be weak and easily shaken, based on the number of police reports lodged over the past few years. Not too long ago, houses with skylights that have beams fitted in such a manner were asked to be renovated for the simple reason that they looked like a cross from a distance, and this could shake their faith. Perhaps they are allergic to garlic and holy water, too.

University lecturer’s faith shaken by the greatness of the Christian God
Just less than a fortnight ago, a Muslim university lecturer lodged a police report, citing that a local politician’s autobiography is dangerous as it was proselytizing and could cause Muslims to apostatize, at least for those who bother to read it. The book is titled ‘Becoming Hannah’, published three years ago, but since the police report was lodged, it elevated the lecturer’s ignorance to mainstream consciousness. The lecturer further exposed his frail faith, claiming that he was in awe of Hannah Yeoh’s God after reading her autobiography, with the miracles that He performed in her life. He was also incensed that there were too many Bible verses in her book that he feared would sway the faith of Muslim readers. Go figure.

Malaysia is in urgent need of prayer
In Malaysia, it is as though the Jew is an untouchable or a pariah. One cannot help but wonder whether the Muslims themselves in Malaysia know that the Muhammad they claim to follow did marry a Jewess. Perhaps being poisoned by one (he was not the sharpest tool in the shed to have asked a Jewess to cook for him, especially right after killing her entire family) might have been a sore point that the Muslims have struggled to overcome after more than a millennia.

It was recently revealed that Malaysia had given permanent residency to Zakir Naik, a wanted man by his own country, India. Zakir Naik had also spent plenty of time in Saudi Arabia, and he is suspected by many to be a charlatan and have creatively massaged his accounts to hide the trail of his ill-gotten fortune. For a half-baked Muslim apologist who claims to champion Islam, one wonders why he is unable to rely on the greatness of his Allah to protect him and face the courts in India to clear his name. Perhaps he is just following the example of Muhammad, hiding away while weak and preying on defenseless trade caravans while breaking the peace embargo just because he claimed to have been given a heavenly mandate.

Not only that, Malaysia has been recognized as an authentic Islamic nation by none other than Saudi Arabia. What makes an authentic Islamic nation anyway? Apparently, women in Malaysia can still drive, move around freely without a male relative acting as their chaperone without breaking the law, and still have pork and alcohol sold at selected places. All of these are far removed from Saudi Arabia, the self-proclaimed most Islamic nation in the world. The political back-slapping and shoulder rubbing can be a bit hard to stomach at times in such cases.

Above all, Malaysia is in urgent need of prayer for deliverance from the spirit of oppression that has bound many in darkness for centuries. Pastors have gone missing. Keep on praying for the Christians here to be a good testimony, that they will be the light and salt in the country, while ensuring that systematic efforts to Islamize the country will experience a role reversal as deception and lies cannot stand up to the truth that all Christians possess.

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