Tesla Model 3 July 2017 Delivery Is On Track, Stock Continues To Soar

( [email protected] ) Jun 06, 2017 11:16 PM EDT
6 June 2017: Tesla’s highly anticipated Model 3 electric car is on track for the first production model to arrive in July 2017, as Tesla’s stock continues to soar based on possible future earnings.
We are looking at 5,000 Model 3s being produced each week this year, with double the amount per week in 2018 to meet demand. Tesla

Tesla is on an upward trajectory in recent times, as Elon Musk’s company continues to wow the masses with a dazzling array of ideas that intend to change the way the world works, starting with their electric cars. The Tesla Model 3 is a highly anticipated model, with pre-orders been placed more than a year ago in faith that the company will not fold and is capable of delivering on their promises. It seems that all of the time spent waiting is not in vain at all, as the very first production model of the Tesla Model 3 is said to be delivered next month from July 1 onward. Not only that, Tesla will also lift the curtains concerning the Model 3 configurator then. Do be forewarned that the configurator itself will be rather limited in choice, according to what Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed at a shareholder meeting earlier this Tuesday. In short, you will be able to figure out just which particular color that you would like the Model 3 to arrive in, as well as the size of wheels. Being simple is good, since it will help the production volume maintain a steady and predictable output. Right now, Tesla is targeting rolling out 5,000 Model 3’s each week for 2017, and will double the amount per week in 2018.

One can be sure that Elon Musk’s sense of creativity is not going to simply stop there, as it would truly be out of his style in doing so. Rather, we can look forward to the very real possibility of additional configuration options being made over time. The additional configuration options will happen in stages, as Tesla moves to ensure that everything is done correctly and in the proper manner. Musk claimed that the process had become simpler after learning from the Model X’s launch, which confounded customers far more than making life easier since there were too many options at first to pick from. Such levels of increased choices would complicate the manufacturing process by a significant margin, and this would in turn, slow down the delivery process due to backlog in the manufacturing.

It must be noted that Tesla has amassed a rather impressive backlog of orders, so it is in the best interest of the customers as well as the company to clear this backlog before they move on to more complex options and levels of customization. Musk has duly noted that anyone who places a Model 3 pre-order today, chances are the car will only be ready some time at “the end of next year.” However, Tesla has made the relevant preparations in order to help increase the efficiency and output of its production line. To wait even longer to drop your pre-order might just result in a longer delay as demand ramps up.

What about Tesla's stock? It looks like Tesla might be worth buying into, as sentiments surrounding the Tesla stock continue to remain bullish despite the stock hovering in the $350 region thereabouts at the moment. So far, Tesla's stock has risen more than 62% this year based on investor's expectations on the Model 3's debut.

One thing that potential Tesla Model 3 owners might want to take note of is the increased premium rates for the Model S and X vehicles when it comes to car insurance, and there are no guarantees that national insurer AAA is going to stop there while bypassing the Model 3. The premiums by the AAA could increase by up to 30%, citing statistics from the Highway Loss Data Institute and other sources. Tesla has definitely dismissed such analysis, calling it "severely flawed and is not reflective of reality."

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