Xbox Scorpio Teasers By Microsoft Reveals More Information

( [email protected] ) Jun 08, 2017 02:23 AM EDT
7 June 2017: Microsoft has put up some new teasers for their new console, the Xbox Scorpio, and it takes a keen brain to decipher what it is trying to say.
6>4 might be an indicator of the Xbox One's superior teraflop count compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Screenshot

The summer of 2017 has already kicked off, and you can be sure that video games will play an important role in making each summer worth looking forward to, apart from the movie blockbusters that are on the silver screen. Microsoft has revealed a slew of new teasers for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio console which might carry several secret messages. It will take the James Bond in you to figure those out, assuming there is information to be gleaned from the teasers in the first place.

With E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo as it is known, ready to rock and roll, you can be sure that big time players like Microsoft will be there. The Xbox Scorpio would most probably be the main talking point at E3, now that the Nintendo Switch launch is done and over with earlier this year. The Xbox Scorpio is basically a refreshed version of the existing Xbox One console, and cosmetic changes are but the least of things to look forward to.

In fact, this revamp of the Xbox One will include better hardware underneath the hood to deliver 4K resolution for the most realistic gaming experience to date. At least, this is what Microsoft has claimed for the Xbox Scorpio. There were some teaser trailers released recently that depicted the intensity involved when playing the game, which no doubt would be exacerbated by the kind of high quality graphics that gamers have not seen before on the console platform.

4K gaming has not yet entered mainstream consciousness due to the lack of hardware that is capable of delivering smooth frame rates at such high resolutions. While more and more TVs sold happen to be Ultra HD (4K) compatible, it is going to take a step up for hardcore gamers to make the upgrade jump for their gaming PCs if they would like to enjoy 4K gaming. The Xbox Scorpio intends to make 4K gaming mainstream and an everyday experience, just like how Full HD gaming was all the rage with the Sony PS4 and Xbox One’s release.

One particular image from a released trailer points to "6>4" written on a tent that is located right next to a Ferris wheel. It is logical that six is a larger number than four, and depending on just how much you love conspiracy theories, the written statement could also be an indicator to the kind of power advantage that the Xbox Scorpio holds over the PlayStation 4 Pro. In a nutshell, the Xbox Scorpio boasts of 6 teraflops of processing muscle, while the PS4 Pro has just 4 teraflops.

In a different teaser, another possible hint has been unearthed by budding Internet sleuths. The Xbox UK Facebook page posted this image which showcased a combination of numbers and letters that are on stage with a bunch of people in front. The numbers point to "X10S101-317", which is a code name of sorts at first glance. However, the folks at Windows Central figured out that it could actually be referencing the Xbox Scorpio’s release date. Theoretically speaking, the "X10S" might point to the Xbox Scorpio model number, while the remainder,"101-317", might lead budding sleuths to a release date of Friday, October 13, 2017.

Friday 13 is not the most auspicious of numbers in the Western world. In fact, it has been deemed to be unlucky, but in recent times, Friday the 13th have also managed to be “marketed” in such a manner where new horror movies are released.

At the end of the day, Microsoft’s E3 press conference should be able to reveal all concerning the Xbox Scorpio, from the release date to the Xbox Scorpio’s price, and of course, what it will look like. Oh yes, having a list of Xbox Scorpio launch titles would also be helpful.

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