Royal Australian Navy Is Looking For ‘Devout Muslims’ To Bolster Their Ranks

( [email protected] ) Jun 28, 2017 10:01 AM EDT
28 June 2017: It is ironic that the Royal Australian Navy is on the lookout for ‘devout Muslims’ in order to boost their ranks, when so much misery and terror attacks in the name of religion are caused by Muslims themselves who think that they are ridding the world of the ‘worst of creatures’, as per the Quran.
The Royal Australian Navy is on the hunt for devout Muslims to join their ranks and are willing to even set up special prayer spaces for them, but are adamant against the expression of one's Christian faith while on duty, in uniform, or otherwise. Royal Australian Navy

The Royal Australian Navy is on the lookout for devout Muslims to bolster their ranks, based on recent advertisements spotted. It looks like they are rather desperate to integrate these devout Muslims into the Royal Australian Navy, so much so that each base will now feature a mini mosque. It would make a whole lot more sense if a general prayer room was set up across all bases, not to mention save costs along the way, as this might see other religions such as Sikhs asking for a gurdwara to be constructed as well.

The amount of attitude that takes a pro-Islamic stance in the Royal Australian Navy can be said to be the exact opposite of what Defence members who are Christian experience. In fact, the ADF hierarchy is willing to actually dismiss any Defence members who express their Christian beliefs, and it does not matter whether this expression of the Christian faith is done in uniform or while on duty. Contrast this to an active recruitment of Muslims while making room for Muslims to carry out their prayers, and one can see a serious imbalance here.

This move by the Royal Australian Navy is very much in line with the position of many other politicians and journalists have taken in recent times, by looking as though they are pro-Muslim. The ‘poor Muslim’ needs to be protected and coddled from persecution, although statistically speaking, far more notable terrorist acts in the name of Islam have been committed over the past couple of decades compared to other religions. The very same line of thought is not going to get repricorated in Muslim-majority countries, as the world continues to wait for the likes of Saudi Arabia to legalize apostasy from their faith to embrace other religions.

It is a well known fact that Islamic ideologies are behind many of the modern day terror attacks, no matter how much politicians and journalists would like to spin it. The recent attack on a London mosque that saw one Muslim die showed how the media portrayed Muslims to be scared of their safety, but when many perish in an Ariana Grande concert, or have a vehicle plough through a crowd on a bridge, and the general populace express their fear? These very same Muslims would step forward and throw the labels of being a ‘bigot’ or ‘an Islamophobe’, saying that there is nothing to be afraid of. How many more lives must be lost before the Islamic terror threat is taken seriously for what it is?

This move by the Royal Australian Navy showcases double standards and a degree of hypocrisy. In fact, there are negative ramifications that the authorities will also need to think of -- such as having an Australian soldier go AWOL recently while making his way to Syria to fight for jihadi groups. In the US, there was a major who lost control at Fort Hood, eliminating the lives of 13 good US soldiers before being taken down. This US major was said to have handed out business cards prior, claiming that he was a ‘Soldier of Allah’.

It remains to be seen just how far backwards the authorities in power around the free world are willing to bend in order to remain apologetic about Islam. You will not find the same kind of weakness shown in Islamic countries, and the Royal Australian Navy can be said to play directly into their hands unknowingly -- or otherwise.

Other cases of Muslim soldiers for a particular country deserting the army to sign up for what they deem to be the holy war, or jihad, by fighting for the Islamic State have happened before. The kicker to all of this is: these are the very same people who would classify themselves as 'devout Muslims'.

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