Free Xbox Live Games With Gold July 2017 List Revealed

Jun 28, 2017 09:58 AM EDT

Xbox Live Games with Gold for the month of July 2017 offers a mixed bag of titles where the entire month of July will see Xbox Live Gold members be able to pick up a couple of free games on the Xbox One and another two on the Xbox 360. Those who are rocking to the Xbox One will benefit from the free Xbox 360 games as well thanks to the Backward Compatibility feature.

For Xbox One owners, Xbox Live Gold members are able to save $9.99 by downloading Grow Up throughout the entire month of July 2017. However, if you would like to enjoy Runbow (which has a ERP price of $14.99), then you will be able to grab it for free from July 16th to August 15th.

What about Xbox 360 owners? July 1st onward will see you be able to enjoy Kane & Lynch 2 (which sports a $14.99 ERP) for free all the way through July 15th. From there, Xbox Live Gold Members can then experience LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game, which is the most expensive game of the lot with a $19.99 ERP for free all the way through to July 31st.

Do take note that these titles mentioned are meant for the qualifying Xbox Live Gold members in all markets where Xbox Live is available. Depending on the region in which you live in, some of the titles might end up being changed based on market availability. However, generally speaking, it has more or less been the same all the while, with different titles being more of the exception that the rule so far.

Grow Up
The life of a B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid) is not a bed of roses, especially when the mode of transport, a spaceship, breaks apart into numerous pieces. All of the various bits and pieces end up scattered across the entire planet, where you will then need to scour through the planet's wonderful topography in order to collect them all. Stepping into the shoes of B.U.D., while having the company of your friend P.O.D., you will end up traversing this open world in an effort to obtain all of the various scattered ship parts. In this title, you will be able to fly, climb, bounce, roll and complete numerous challenges for a fun-filled adventure.

Runbow is deemed to be a fast-paced party action game that will certainly keep you and your friends occupied for a good while, using a never before seen color mechanic. This is one game that can accommodate up to nine different players, where they race against each other locally or online. There will be platforms and obstacles that will appear and disappear along the way each time the colored background changes for an added level of reflex challenge. You can opt to go head-to-head in one of Runbow’s modes, including Arena, King of the Hill, ColourMaster, and The Bowhemoth.

Kane & Lynch 2
Kane & Lynch comprise of a pair of violent and disturbing criminals who are involved in an epic single-player story driven campaign, although there is the option to team up with a friend over Xbox Live.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game
More LEGO goodness comes your way as you enjoy characters from the first four films of the franchise, as you can also opt to indulge in some co-op play. There are way too many bricks to plunder in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game.

In total, Xbox Live Games with Gold subscribers who are eligible would end up with more than $59 in gaming value as well as up to 4,000 gamerscore. So far, what has been offered has been pretty decent, and it certainly looks better than what the June 2017 free games delivered.