Natalie Grant Reflects on God's Faithfulness 'Throughout Generations' After Youngest Daughter is Baptized

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Award-winning singer Natalie Grant has reflected on God's faithfulness after witnessing the backyard baptism of her youngest daughter, Sadie Rose.
Sadie Rose, the youngest daughter of Natalie Grant and Bernie Herms, is baptized. Facebook

Award-winning singer Natalie Grant has reflected on God's faithfulness "throughout all generations" after witnessing the backyard baptism of her youngest daughter, Sadie Rose.

In a Facebook post shared on Monday, the Finding Your Voice author shared a sweet video of Sadie being baptized by Grant's husband, producer Bernie Herms. 

"She's been asking to be baptized since she accepted Christ at age 4," Grant said. "She said, 'I want to obey Jesus and let everyone know I belong to God.' To be in my sisters (sic) backyard with our family and loved ones was beyond special. To have my own youth pastor, who through the years has become one of my dearest friends, participate in the baptism and speak words of life over my baby was beyond words."

The "Held" singer said that having her parents, siblings, and dearest friends "extend their hands and pray for my child has reminded me what an unbelievable heritage I come from, and I know that my children will continue the legacy."

"Sadie just began to weep as she stood there confirming her commitment to Jesus," she continued. "And then she requested everyone sing Good Good Father after she was baptized, and as we all stood there worshipping in the backyard, he confirmed over and over that HE IS a good father, who is loving and kind, and His faithfulness indeed continues throughout all generations."

Grant then shared a powerful message to those who may not have had such a heritage: "always remember it can begin with you," she said. "God is a father to the fatherless and he can fill any void that is in your life. He does make all things new, and you can be the one that starts the Godly heritage for the generations to come after you. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE."

Grant and Herms frequently post updates regarding their three daughters on social media, along with shots of the family worshiping and enjoying life together.

Natalie Grant
(Photo : Facebook)
Natalie Grant, Bernie Herms, and their three children

In 2015, the couple's twin daughters, Gracie and Bella, were baptized by Herms at the family's church in Nashville, Tennessee.

In a touching Facebook post shared with fans, the singer/songwriter told the story: "I knew today would be an amazing day, but I had no idea it would be a day I would never forget," she wrote.

"I was excited to sing my new song Clean, for baptisms at my home church Crosspoint in Nashville. I love baptism Sunday. I cry every single time," the Dove-Award winning singer continued. "But what I didn't know is that my twin daughters Gracie & Bella would unexpectedly decide to get baptized today."

While the little girls made the decision to follow Jesus several years ago, they hadn't had the courage to be baptized, Grant explained.

"I never wanted to pressure them and wanted it to be a decision they came to on their own. And they came to it together. THIS MORNING. And the icing on the cake? My husband got to baptize them."

The singer also shared a sweet photo collage of the special day, which included a picture of herself weeping with joy and two pictures of her husband baptizing the children.

"A moment in their journey with Christ and I will never forget it!!!" she wrote.

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