Christian Planned Parenthood Worker Begs God for Forgiveness: 'Am I Too Far Gone?'

( [email protected] ) Jul 31, 2017 10:11 AM EDT
July 31, 2017: A Christian Planned Parenthood worker has opened up about the horrors of her job and asked if God could forgive her for working at the nation's largest abortion provider.
A protester with her mouth taped over with the word "life" stands in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on the morning the court takes up a major abortion case focusing on whether a Texas law that imposes strict regulations on abortion doctors and clinic buildings interferes with the constitutional right of a woman to end her pregnancy, in Washington March 2, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

A Christian Planned Parenthood worker has opened up about the horrors of her job and asked if God could forgive her for working at the nation's largest abortion provider.

Last Friday, an anonymous Planned Parenthood employee called into Dr. Michael Brown's nationally syndicated conservative talk radio show "The Line of Fire", and revealed that even though she opposes abortion, she'd taken administrative role at the abortion organization because it paid well, according to The Christian Post.

Although she didn't perform abortions, the woman admitted she felt ashamed to be employed by Planned Parenthood. She told Brown that Planned Parenthood "is not what they tell you it is on the news and all the marches that you see."

"It's not what they say it is. It's what the pro-life people say," she said. "They are telling the truth. It is what they say, how horrible it really is and that is coming from inside. I have seen it."

"I know we have to answer to God for everything that we do, but will I be judged the same way as people who actually have abortions and things like that?" The woman asked Brown, who is pro-life. "How do you think God sees that? Do you think I am too far gone to go back?"

Brown told the woman that she is not too far gone to go back - but that she must quit her job.

"First, you are not too far gone to go back but you need to get out of there. You got no business working there but God is merciful and compassionate and He understands your struggles - a single mom, all the issues you are dealing with. There is forgiveness," Brown assured. "Jesus died for any and all sins you've committed. It's not that you have left God entirely, you just made a wrong decision. It's one that is understandable but it is absolutely wrong and you need to get out of there and trust God for your next step. He won't fail you."

Because the caller is a child of God, she was feeling God's "conviction", said Brown.

"Because you are His child, the joy isn't there and it can't be because you are facilitating people's abortions," Brown said, adding that her administrative job "would be, in that respect, no different than say if during the days of slave trade that your job was to register how many people were on the ship and how many survived or height and weight for sale or something like that. Or, if you were in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust and your job was to count the shoes that were taken from the Jewish prisoners or gold teeth that were taken or whatever."

"For sure, the Holy Spirit is not letting you be comfortable," he added. "For sure, your own conscience is not letting you be comfortable but don't think for a moment that God's grace is not there."

Brown emphasized that "there is no turning back."

"You are being complicit with the murder of children if you go back to this. Make sure you are out and that's the reality," he said, adding that she should turn in her notification to her employer.

"If you find yourself in financial hardship because of the decision you have made ... we know some folks that really help the pro-life movement holistically and that if you ran into some real life crisis - because of this, you can't feed your children next week or something - we have some friends I know that would say, 'Hey, we are going to stand with you in the midst of this.' Alright?"

Planned Parenthood ends the lives of over 300,000 unborn children every year, which amounts to approximately one out of every three in the country, according to the Heritage Foundation.

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