'Fixer Upper' Star Chip Gaines Responds to Rumors He and Joanna are Divorcing

( [email protected] ) Aug 07, 2017 10:19 AM EDT
August 7, 2017: Chip Gaines has responded to rumors that he and his wife, Joanna, are divorcing.
The Gaines are now at the helm of a home improvement empire that includes a hit HGTV show, quarterly magazine, real estate company, and paint, rug, wallpaper and furniture line. HGTV

"Fixer Upper" star Chip Gaines has hit back at rumors he and his wife Joanna are separating, reminding fans she's the love his life.

Last week, Chip responded to a fan's Twitter post addressing rumors the wildly popular HGTV couple were splitting.

"I'm so sick of these 'stories' claiming @joannagaines and @chippergaines breaking up. Leave this couple alone they are wonderful together," Twitter user @Liason_TRTN wrote Friday night.

Chip responded minutes later, saying: "Won't ever happen..you can take that to the bank! #LoveOfMyLife".

Earlier this year, Jo begged her fans not to believe everything they read - especially as fake news continues to swirl around the "Fixer Upper" star and her husband.

"So many things are happening right now and it feels like we are moving at the speed of light," she said. "At times, it's even hard to keep our own parents in the loop. At this point in our career we can honestly say, we've heard it all - from reports of us moving our family to Vegas to us having more or less children than we actually have."

Joanna said that at the end of the day, she and Chip have "learned it's impossible to control all the information that's out there."

She encouraged those who want to know what's going on to follow her and Chip's social media accounts (find those here, here and here), sign up for their newsletter, and keep up with their blog.

"These are the spots where we'll tell you about our new partnerships, projects, and even personal new," she wrote. "Always remember: if you're reading big, exciting news about us, and we did not confirm it on our official sites, then proceed with caution."

Chip and Jo, who are parents to Drake, 12, Ella, 10, Duke, 9, and Emmie, 7, not only star in HGTV's highest-rated show in the network's history, they're also outspoken about their faith and love for one another. Previously, they revealed that despite their incredible success, their top priorities are their marriage and four children.

"Before all of this..we were doing 'date night' every Tuesday night, and we're still doing 'date night' every Tuesday night," Joanna told People Magazine. "It's kind of our time to say, 'How's it going? What's going on?"

"I love a good steak every now and then, but we tend to frequent our local holes-in-the-wall for street tacos and queso," she added. "After dinner we get ice cream and drive around Waco to go down memory lane and visit our old stomping grounds."

Jo also shared that she and Chip start each day by sharing a cup of coffee on the porch together before the kids wake up.

"I just feel like you can look up in ten years and go, 'Holy cow...there's this huge divide between us,' or you can consistently nurture this relationship," she said. "It's work, it requires a lot of effort, a lot of time and connecting and talking. It's not just. 'Hey now we're married, so let's just figure it out. You actually have to maintain that."

Added Chip, "Jo and I both made a commitment pretty early on that the two of us are the most important variable. If we can figure out how to be right as a couple, then obviously we a have a lot better opportunity to be right for our kids."

They also discussed their marriage in a recent White Chair Film from I Am Second and shared how being complete opposites works for them.

"If you give Chip a boundary, he's going to break that boundary. If you give him a rule, he's not going to follow it," Joanna explained. "And if you tell him, 'You can't go past this line,' he'll put his toe over it."

Joanna, on the other hand, is somewhat of a wallflower and more reserved. "Joanna is like the purest, most stable person I've ever met," Chip shared. She echoes that, saying, "I like safety. I like knowing what's coming."

But it's Chip who helped Joanna blossom and pushed her to turn her dreams into reality. "If I didn't have Chip Gaines in my life," she says, "I'd still be dreaming in my head but not acting it out."

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