'War Room' Actor T.C. Stallings Says Timing of New Faith-Based Film 'A Question of Faith' a 'God Thing' (Interview)

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"War Room" actor T.C. Stallings shares why the timing of the forthcoming faith-based film "A Question of Faith" is undeniably a "God thing."
T.C. Stallings stars as Cecil King in "A Question of Faith" AQuestionofFaith.com

Actor T.C. Stallings is prolific in the faith-based film industry, from "Courageous" to his break-out performance as Tony Jordan in the 2015 hit film, "War Room." Now, he's appearing alongside Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, and CCM artist Jaci Velasquez in "A Question of Faith," hitting theaters September 29.

From Pure Flix and veteran producer Angela White, "A Question of Faith" follows three families from different cultures living in the same community. While complete strangers, the families all have one thing in common: They love their children deeply.

A tragic accident involving texting and driving thrusts them onto converging paths, where each family questions everything they know to be true. On this journey, they discover God's love, power, forgiveness, grace, and mercy - and that ultimately, we're more alike than we are different.

Stallings, who plays pastor Cecil King in the film, told The Gospel Herald that "A Question of Faith" is timely - in more ways than one.

"This script was written years ago, so the timing seems like a God thing," the pro-athlete-turned-actor said. "There's no doubt we're living in tough times today, and the film deals with racism, tragedy, and faith head on. It drives home the reality that tragedy doesn't have a race. Something like tragedy is faceless, it's genderless, it's classless. In this particular film you'll see how it first divided people before it became a unifier."

He added, "Everybody can pray, everybody can have faith, and everybody struggles regardless of the color of your skin and your gender."

T.C. Stallings
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Also starring C. Thomas Howell ("The Amazing Spiderman," "E.T.") and GregAlan Williams ("Greenleaf," "Remember the Titans"), "A Question of Faith" has already been a resounding success in early screenings - and not only among faith-based audiences.

"This film resonates with every human who has experienced any kind of struggle, persevered, and come out of it," Stallings said. "It's cleverly made and it was made with the sensitivity that non-Christians will see it. It's an entertaining, quality film that won't disappoint."

At the same time, Stallings said, the Gospel-centered message of the film is crystal clear.

"Tough times exist throughout all your life -- especially if you plan to follow Jesus," he said. "Scripture promises us that we'll have struggles, that the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy, that those who desire to live a godly life will be persecuted. This movie highlights those times, and the important role faith plays in getting through them."

He added, "As long as that question lingers - 'why does God allow bad things to happen' - you'll look for answers and search for God in the wrong places. This is how a lot of people turn to drugs and suicide - it's dangerous to not know the answer. Struggles are promise, so knowing the answer is the most important part. It's what helps you push on."

The answer, Stallings said, is God telling us, "I'm right here, but I'm on my timetable, I'm on my agenda. Trust me as you have before, and I will see you through these dark times."

"In my own life, I've experienced this truth time and time again," Stallings said. "God sustained me and you through tragedy once, and He's faithful to do it again."

"A Question of Faith" will release from Pure Flix later this month in more than 600 theaters. To learn more about the film, visit the website.

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