Natalie Grant Resting in Truth That 'God is Bigger Than My Fear' Ahead of Thyroid Surgery to Remove Tumors

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CCM artist Natalie Grant has said she's finding comfort in the fact that God is "bigger" than her fear as she prepares to undergo thyroid surgery to remove tumors.
Natalie Grant said she will cancel shows between mid-October and November to recover from her upcoming thyroid surgery. K-Love

CCM artist Natalie Grant has said she's finding comfort in the fact that God is "bigger" than her fear as she prepares to undergo thyroid surgery to remove tumors - a surgery that could possibly affect her voice. 

The "King of the World" singer, who last month announced that doctors discovered "two of the tumors on the right side of my thyroid decided to not stay unconcerning," shared a heartbreaking conversation she recently had with her youngest daughter, Sadie.

"I found my sweet Sadie in tears," Grant said, explaining her young daughter told her, "I'm so nervous. I don't want you to be sick. And I don't want anything to happen to that beautiful voice of yours. Besides, you use that voice to tell people about Jesus."

"Oh my heart. Oh my precious girl. Deep breath. I thought to myself: don't have 'fluffy faith' in this moment," the singer said. "'I'm afraid, too...' I cried to her. 'But my faith in God is bigger than my fear. That doesn't mean my fear goes away. It just means I'm not letting it be in charge of my mind. And I always remind myself who is in charge, anyway. GOD IS! In charge, in control, and He is holding us, shielding us, protecting us and fighting for us. Sometimes my fear tries to tell me what to do, but then I remember that Christ's power in me is bigger than any stupid fear.'"

Sadie told her, "Momma, you said stupid," Grant said.

"Oops. Well, it's not ok to call people stupid," she responded. "But it feels pretty good to call fear stupid."

"Sadie: 'stupid fear!' Exactly. Stupid fear," the Dove Award-winning artist said. "Jesus said 'I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid.' John 14:27."

Grant previously revealed she is scheduled to receive the surgery to remove the two tumors on October 10. The singer explained that even if it is thyroid cancer, it is usually very treatable and can be completely cured.  

While the surgery could affect her voice, Grant said she has "complete faith" in God.

"The surgery is a little bit more risky because I am a singer, and the thyroid is kind of all tangled up in the vocal box and vocal chords, so there could be some changes to my voice," she said.

"Though I'm not even declaring that, because I have complete faith in my God. He never goes back on his word and he never breaks his promises. The promises that he didn't just make to me, but that he made to my mom when I was in her womb about how my voice would be the voice to the nations. He is not going to break his promise. That's just who he is."

Following the announcement, thousands took to social media to offer prayers and well-wishes. Grant said she's been "stunned by the outpouring of support" she's received from her fans.

"You've been so encouraging, uplifting, compassionate and kind," she wrote. "Your words have spoken life into my fearful heart and strength to my weariness. And this morning, as I was thanking the Lord for the encouragement, I so STRONGLY felt in my spirit a nudge from the Lord: 'yes, daughter, I love you and am orchestrating this outpouring of support to strengthen and help you, and to bring you rest. But not just for your own comfort and peace, but for the comfort and peace of thousands of others who don't have a public platform like you do, for the many who feel they are suffering alone...for those who've received a terrifying report and have no support system. This outpouring isn't just for you. It is also for them.'"

Grant said that she hopes those who visit her social media pages will also be comforted by the many scriptures, prayers, testimonies of healing, and the words of strength.

"And they will begin to feel comforted," she said. "They will be reminded the God-of-angel-armies is on our side. And speaking of angel armies, they're encamped around us, swords drawn, already fighting on our behalf."

The singer said she will cancel shows between mid-October and November to recover. Grant has won the Gospel Music Association's Dove Award for female vocalist of the year five times.

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