Nigerian Muslim Law Oppressing Christian Citizens

( [email protected] ) Mar 16, 2004 07:43 AM EST

Nigeria - The Islamic law of Sharia embedded in parts of the Nigerian constitution has most recently been enforced against 23 Christian women for several "violations" of the law. The loosely founded accusations against the women shows how much non-Muslims are suffering under the Islamic-based government.

Some women were absurdly accused of prostitution because of the fact that they were not married. There were eight Christian women in Bauchi who were forced to pay the $300 fine and receive 10 lashes as punishment for supposedly violating the law. Others were also charged for not abiding the Muslim dress code. Innocent people are being accused as criminals for being Christians.

The Islamic courts are increasingly using the law to arbitrarily charge Christian individuals for non-compliance at this time causing tense conflict between religious groups. Christians continue to face intense persecution in northern Nigeria until Islamic authorities become more tolerant of non-Muslim lifestyles that exist in the nation.