Muslim Family Strangles Christian Teen to Death in Front of Father for Failing to Carry out Household Chores

( [email protected] ) May 10, 2018 10:19 AM EDT
A Muslim family in Pakistan strangled to death a teenage Christian girl who failed to carry out the household chores to their satisfaction, a horrific new report has revealed.
Women from the Christian community mourn for a relative, who was one of the victims killed by a suicide attack on a church, during his funeral in Lahore, March 17, 2015. Suicide bombings outside two churches in Lahore killed 14 people and wounded nearly 80 others during services on Sunday in attacks claimed by a faction of the Pakistani Taliban. Reuters/Mohsin Raza

A Muslim family in Pakistan strangled to death a teenage Christian girl who failed to carry out the household chores to their satisfaction, a horrific new report has revealed.

Christians in Pakistan reported that the murder of Kainat Salamat, the 17-year-old daughter of Salamat Masih, occurred in Kamonki, Gujranwala district earlier this month. The teen's father filed a First Information Report to report the crime on May 6, explaining to police that he arrived to visit his daughter at the home of Muhammad Asif, where she had worked as a domestic helper since age 11.

When he arrived, the father said that he and another relative saw that the Muslim family, Asif, Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Tariq Pasran, Muhammad Ismael, along with Asif's wife and another woman, were holding down Kainat's legs and arms.

The Muslim family had tied a rope around the Christian girl's neck and were strangling her, Masih said. Despite her father's pleas, the teen was eventually strangled to death because she'd failed to carry out the household chores to the Muslim family's satisfaction.

According to the British Pakistani Christian Association, the teen's corpse was take to Civil Hospital Gujranwala for a post-mortem study, where doctors found evidence that the teenager had suffered rape.

The BPCA is urging people to sign a petition against domestic servitude of Christian girls, which it says results in widespread abuse and in some cases death.

"Girls are commonly raped and beaten in such situations and forced to live a debilitating lifestyle," notes the petition. "Moreover in many cases young girls can be killed to protect perpetrators from being caught, through excessive-brutality or psychotic behaviour of the masters."

Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the BPCA, said that many Christian girls are placed in domestic servitude contracts from ages as young as ten.

Many of these girls suffer cruel beatings and rape from depraved men and jealous wives," he said. "Powerful Muslim families often settle out of court by paying Qisas and Diyat bribes a legal 'get out of jail' payment that is enshrined in Sharia law and adopted in Pakistan."

As earlier reported by The Gospel Herald, in 2016, a 17-year-old Pakistani Christian girl was killed by a group of Muslim men because she rejected their sexual advances.

At the time, Chowdhry said the world is ignoring the treatment of Christian women in Pakistan, where an average of two women a day disappear and are raped, sold into sexual slavery, or forced to marry Muslim men.

"Evidence exists that some rogue imams declare that such acts of conversion through violence are rewarded in heaven, what a terrifying thought," Chowdhry said.

Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War in Christians echoed such warnings, writing, "Even in Western nations, Muslims from Pakistan believe it is their right to rape and sexually abuse 'infidel' women - or even Muslim women if they are out at night unaccompanied or not wearing a veil. Of course a veiled woman might also be attacked, but then the rape would be the same as for a non-Muslim rapist -- he wants what he wants and that's that."

He added, "But if she is a Muslim out on her own, he can rationalize away or justify the rape as 'his right' since she is acting like an infidel, so supposedly deserves what she gets. This author knows of no instance where a Muslim man targeted a Muslim woman because he thinks it is his 'right'."

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