Luis Palau Shares Health Update: 'So Blessed to Have a Good Report!'

May 01, 2019 09:00 AM EDT

World-renowned evangelist Luis Palau, who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer last year, received a "good report" regarding his health, his son has announced.

On Facebook, Keith Palau shared an update regarding his father's health: "Dad had a full body scan Tuesday, met w/oncologist yesterday," he wrote. "So blessed to get a good report that the tumors have not grown, and that his coughing/fluid buildup around the lungs is not due to tumor growth. Guess we get to have him around for a while longer!"

In an update posted a month earlier, Kevin specifically asked supporters to pray God would heal "increased fluid in the left lung."

"All tests ranging from good to acceptable," he wrote at the time. "The doctor was pleased and feels as though the new chemotherapy treatment is having positive effect. The only negative - increased fluid in the left lung. A specific prayer request. They're not sure the reason for that specific anomaly."

Palau, who has preached across the globe for five decades, first announced his diagnosis last January: "Just this week it was clearly confirmed. Stage 4 lung cancer," he said in a statement posted on the Luis Palau Association website. "As you can imagine, this isn't news we were expecting or hoping for. Yet our trust in the Lord remains rock solid."

But the evangelist said he remains confident in the future of his ministry, which includes his son Kevin as president, son Andrew as an evangelist and son Keith on the development team.

His ministry estimates that he has spoken to 30 million people in hundreds of cities in 75 countries. Palau, known as the "Billy Graham of Latin America," has authored dozens of books and has been featured in radio broadcasts in English and Spanish on 3,500 radio outlets in 48 countries.

"And as long as I have breath (I'm praying that will be many more years) I will preach," he said in the statement. "I will raise high the banner of biblical evangelism. I will do my part. And I'm praying you continue to do yours as well."

In November, the pastor said he's defying the odds and doing much better than doctors had anticipated.

"For Pat and me, this has been a year unlike any other.  Frankly, if you had asked me early in the year what I'd be doing right now, I would have told you I'd be celebrating with the Lord in Heaven. But clearly, He has different plans," Palau wrote in the post shared on his website.

"Diagnosed with lung cancer in January, I was told I'd be gone by Christmas.  Probably sooner. 'Get your life in order,' the doctor said. It was a sobering reality," he added. "Yet here I am, quite well actually, and writing to you about plans for the months ahead!  It's a testimony of God's goodness. I believe it's also a challenge."

In April, "Palau: The Movie," a full-length feature film about his life and ministry hit the big screen.

According to IMDb, the movie is the true story of Palau, "one of the greatest evangelists in history."

"After his father passes away at age 10, the lives of Luis Palau and his family are changed forever," according to the IMDb synopsis. "Luis is forced to discontinue his education at an elite boarding school in Argentina and provide for his family as they slip into poverty."

It then follows his life as a preacher and his eventual journey to the United States where he meets Billy Graham, who "would bring about the launch of Luis Palau's global ministry at a level only God could ordain."

"Palau: The Movie" features Gastón Pauls, an Argentine actor who plays the title role. It also stars Scott Reeves of "Nashville" fame who plays Ray Stedman, Palau's mentor; and Daniel Roebuck, who portrays Fred Renich, an influential figure in the life of the evangelist, according to Christian News Northwest.