Samsung Galaxy S10: Android 10 update coming your way

Oct 17, 2019 05:55 PM EDT

The Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ smartphones shipped with Android Pie (Android 9.0) at its launch in the first half of this year, and with Android 10 poised for a rollout, it is not surprising to hear that Samsung's flagship devices will be on the receiving end of Android 10 in due time. In fact, Samsung has already announced a beta program for Galaxy S10 users in selected countries.

The Android 10 update will be accompanied by updates to the One UI interface. The improved One UI interface will bring its fair share of features that ought to make your mobile lifestyle a little bit more convenient. 

Improved Camera UI

With the triple camera setup found in the Galaxy S10/S10+ yielding top notch results across the board, it makes perfect sense to further hone one of the top selling points of the device. The camera user interface has been revamped, where all of the different camera modes will no longer be cluttered at the bottom but rather, receive a simplification to Photo, Video and Live Focus by default. If you would like to access the available modes such as slow-mo, panorama, Pro and Night Mode, just head to "More". Should you like to add your favourite modes to the main interface, just manually drag them out. 

Samsung looks to have streamlined the most frequently used camera modes for the masses, so power users, you know the tweaks that you have to make to suit your preferences. If you want to pick the preferred focal length, just pinch to zoom in or zoom out. 

Screen recorder feature

What was standard on the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be available on the Galaxy S10/S10+: the screen recorder feature. This feature enables you to record your phone's interface and include audio from the handset as well as the microphone. Want to personalize it even further? Throw in a selfie video while setting the size for the picture-in-picture interface.

Improved Dark Mode

The existing Dark Mode has seen some improvements that ought to deliver a more comfortable visual experience. The latest iteration will enable the dark theme to expand to the home screen, resulting in an easier and clearer viewing of both text and icons for your eyes.

Honey, I shrunk the pop-ups

There is nothing quite as irritating and distracting as pop-ups, which is why slimmer pop-up interfaces in the upcoming One UI 2.0 will be welcome by most. This translates to a more enjoyable user experience across the board. Imagine being fully immersed in your game when an incoming call happens: the pop-up will take up less space than before, while the volume control bar would have shed some weight, too. 

Digital Wellbeing gets a bump

Samsung wants to make things more holistic by throwing in new features to its digital wellbeing app. For starters, a focus mode enables one to pause apps for a couple of hours in order to minimize distractions if you want to remain focussed on something else during that time. In fact, you can even set a daily limit for each app, which can also be considered as a form of Parental Controls for parents who let their little ones enjoy screen time on the Galaxy S10/S10+. The device care app has also been tweaked in order to further optimize the handset's performance. 

Better power management

A modern day bane of smartphones would be power even though battery technology continues to improve with each passing generation. Samsung will roll out new device care and battery usage interfaces that is simple to decipher at a glance. Those who take advantage of the Galaxy S10's Wireless PowerShare feature, this new update enables a higher minimum battery limit as opposed to the current 30% limit that will cut off power for reverse wireless charging automatically. 

What do you think of the new updates to Samsung's upcoming One UI changes that will keep the Android 10 update company? Does it fall within your expectations or did you anticipate more?