Garmin MARQ luxury smartwatch range launched

Oct 17, 2019 06:02 PM EDT

Can you believe that Garmin is already 30 years old? As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, Garmin has introduced the Garmin MARQ, a smartwatch that sits on the premium end of the spectrum without sacrificing the qualities that made the brand what it is today: a merging of both form and function for the motivated and active. 

There are 5 timepieces under the Garmin MARQ range, and they are priced anywhere from US$1,500 to US$2,500. Known as Aviator, Driver, Captain, Expedition and Athlete, all of these luxurious timepieces will incorporate the bells and whistles that are even beyond the reach of Garmin's very own premium Fenix range. 

While smartwatches like the Garmin MARQ might never attain the status of a Rolex or Patek Philippe, it will still look good around your wrist whether you are in a boardroom hosting a very important meeting or winding down in the great outdoors and pushing your body to its limits. 

Garmin takes pride in the MARQ range as functional works of art. For instance, the Aviator boasts of features like the Next Generation Weather Radar system and airport information, making it ideal for in-flight wear as well as when one is outside the cockpit. The GMT bezel provides quick access to two other time zones apart from the current time at a glance.

As for the Driver, it evokes the technology found in race cars through a carbon grey "diamond- like carbon" coating on the bracelet, enabling it to withstand the high vibration environment of racing. It even arrives pre-loaded with over 250 famous race tracks worldwide, letting you keep tabs on your auto lap splits, live delta time and average speed. Unfortunately, it is not connected to the central police database to keep track of your speeding tickets amassed while zipping through the freeway wearing this. 

Those with a call to the open sea can rest in the knowledge that the Captain's jacquard weave strap translates to an unprecedented degree of durability and toughness while enjoying the ocean breeze. Features include a regatta time bezel, coastal charts, tack assist and port conditions so that mariners are always aware of the latest information at a glance. Clicking the side of the timepiece brings up other information such as wind speed, current, temperature and tide.

The Expedition timepiece targets explorers as it is compatible with the inReach Mini satellite communicator while boasting of topographic mapping, a built-in altimeter and barometer. Avid hikers will fall in love with the ClimbPro programme that delivers real-time information on current and upcoming climbs, where essential information like gradient, distance and elevation gain can be referenced to. For added durability, flexible the strap is made from vegetable tanned Italian vacchetta leather and debossed on the back. 

I believe that the most appealing MARQ model for the yuppies and executives would be the Athlete, as it is also the most relatable one. Amidst numerous fitness trackers in the market, the Athlete reigns supreme in its stylish titanium casing. There will be apps that measure activity performances, but what sets it apart is a bird's eye view of all your behaviors and bad habits. The Athlete's tactile buttons and domed sapphire crystal face is capable of handling all of your workout data harvesting, and you can always see your current performance with the VO2 max reading and recovery time scale on the bezel. From hiking to weightlifting, rowing, swimming, golfing or even training for a long distance run, the Athlete's got your back as you refer to it for extra insights that jive with your body type and competitive goals.

If you want to treat yourself to something nice this Christmas, Garmin's MARQ hits the spot for fitness enthusiasts who want a stylish, functional and long lasting timepiece.