12 denominations working for Vision 2010

Water will be the tool to help plant churches in Togo
( [email protected] ) Mar 18, 2004 09:33 AM EST

Togo – Ninety percent of the rural population of Togo is without access to clean safe drinking water. Sixty percent of the people in the capitol don't have access to clean drinking water. Because water is such a great need in Togo, water is being coupled with an evangelism project.

12 different denominations are working together for Vision 2010. "It's a strategy to take the Gospel to every home and plant a church in every village where there's not already one in the whole country of Togo by the year 2010," said Living Water International's Jerry Wyles. Wyles, who recently returned from Togo, West Africa where he participated in a pastor's conference organized by Every Home for Christ says there's more, "What they want to do is add a clean water component to that to provide clean water along with the Gospel."

Wyles says they need three things to help in this effort. "We need lots of prayer. We invite those who would like to be involved hands on with mission trips in other ways to volunteer as well as the financial resources," says Wyles. He says, "We do what we can based on the resources we have. And, we have of course have many more requests than we're able to meet."

Togo has a population of more than six million people. Many of who still practice Voodoo and animistic rituals. "There's a lot of spiritual warfare in all of Africa, just like all over the world. It's just manifested in different ways," says Wyles. He says, "But, what is encouraging is the spiritual depth and commitment of these pastors and national leaders to take the Gospel to every home and planting churches in every village."

All the ministries working for Vision 2010 ask for the prayers of the Christian community.