Finding Christ on the Web

( [email protected] ) Mar 23, 2004 03:19 PM EST

Canada - As popularity for the Mel Gibson film, "The Passion of the Christ" grows, more attention has been shown upon a website that discusses the film called The website is moderated by Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada as part of its media ministries.

Karen Schenk of Campus Crusade for Christ's Truth Media reports that in the past month there has been an average of 10,000 visitors per day to the site. Shortly after the premiere of the "The Passion of the Christ" the amount of visitors reached a peak of around 19,000.

One popular feature of the website used daily is the chat room. "We were seeing constantly about 30 to 35 people on that chat room all day long," says Schenk. "So, we scrambled and put together 24 hour moderation for that chat room. And, we have seen quite a few people being led to the Lord in one-to-one discipleship and then being put into follow up right on the heels of that." The chat room serves as a meeting place for many to share questions and ideas with Christians and non-Christians alike. Internet evangelism is conducted daily through in this manner.

Schenk comments "We've never seen one just start at this level and to have these kind of numbers and impact coming in right from the 'get-go'." Also, it seems that the web site will actually gain more visitors even after the movie leaves the theaters in America. "There are several different crountries that have asked for the right to translate some of our material. As the movie is released in other countries they will be either linking to our site or translating our material," says Schenk. People from all around the world who are watching the film are visiting The amount of visitors will only increase as the film is released in more and more languages.