EvangeCube partners with group to equip pastors in India

( [email protected] ) Mar 29, 2004 03:30 AM EST

EvangeCube is working with Reaching India Ministries International, an interdenominational group that hopes to establish a Bible College training center in all 29 states in India. Just recently, an EvangeCube International team returned from Nagpur, India where they trained 280 Church Planters.

Pastors in India are getting some unique training to help them establish new churches in the predominately Hindu nation. Reportedly, EvangeCube, puzzle-like cubes that help people share the Gospel, have shown great success. Tom Doyle, who led the EvangeCube International team said, "We're doing leadership training with church planters, training them in EvangeCube, a new creative way to share the Gospel. Also, (we're) training them in church planting with our course 'First Steps', and then also various leadership things that are pertinent to pastors." In all, Doyle taught over 40 hours. The training is needed because of the number of people coming to Christ.

Doyle says those who are turning to Christ may surprise you. "There are Hindu priests, very high up Hindu priests, that are coming to Christ and after a few years of growing in their faith, launching into ministries to plant churches," says Doyle. This is making many Hindus angry and they're going after Christian leaders and persecuting them.

According to Doyle, this isn't having much of an impact. "Actually, it's helping it. It just seems like where ever we go in the world where Satan strikes back hard, it just multiplies the church and makes the church more fervent."