Key leaders to testify about persecution in China

( [email protected] ) Apr 01, 2004 03:06 AM EST

An international meeting is scheduled in Geneva, Switzerland on April 2, in the context of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The meeting is to present the needs of the Persecuted Church in China.

Many of the speakers at this event will give first-hand testimony of imprisonment and torture. Harry Wu, Brother Yun and Peter Xu, whose sister is presently facing charges, are just a few of the first hand witnesses to the atrocities committed against Christians in China.

Also speaking will be Joseph Kung, an expert on the Catholic Church in China, and Bob Fu, the China Analyst for The Voice of the Martyrs. Documentary evidence will be presented, such as video testimony from women tortured and assaulted in an attempt to force them to incriminate Pastor Gong Shengliang. Other video footage includes the dramatic destruction of a church building.

Organizations such as the Voice of the Martyrs are hoping for that the meeting will be used to draw further international attention to the plight of the Church in China.