Plans for National Campaign Underway

Nov 16, 2002 03:00 AM EST

The American Baptist Churches USA General Board, received details of the process underway for a feasibility study focused on an inter-denominational capital funds campaign during its semiannual meeting held on Friday, November 15.

The board at its June 2002 meeting had authorized the study for the possible campaign, which would fund new church planting and other priority goals. The Capital Campaign Steering Committee since that time has contracted with Skystone Ryan, Inc. of Cincinnati to conduct the study. Charles R. Stephens, a Skystone Ryan managing partner, and Robert Crandall, campaign readiness director, reported on the process focus and timeline.

The presentation provided background on Skystone Ryan's mission philosophy, its extensive history of work with faith-based groups and its expectations for an initial report next February that eventually will be considered by the General Board.

Crandall, former associate general secretary for World Mission Support, will assist Skystone Ryan to set the stage for a campaign if the feasibility study confirms its viability. He will be working to build donor lists and conduct related research, contact potential donors to inform them of the potential campaign, set in place a computer plan for the campaign, develop campaign policy, create the early stages of a campaign design, set up a campaign office, plan for staffing and space needs, and work with the regions and local churches to facilitate a campaign being ready to start immediately if recommended and approved.

Plans for a national campaign will take shape as the results of the feasibility study are known. It is anticipated that the results and recommendations related to a campaign will be brought to the June 2003 American Baptist Churches USA General Board meeting for consideration.

By Pauline J.