Women of the ELCA Strengthen Families and Communities

Dec 14, 2002 10:21 AM EST

CHICAGO -- Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) awarded $164,100 in grants to projects that strengthen families and communities domestically and internationally.

The Women of the ELCA Grants Program represents "one way in which the women's organization fulfills its organizational commitment to bring healing and wholeness in the church, society and the world," said Doris Strieter, grants program administrator, Women of the ELCA.

"Because of the generous gifts of predecessor women's organizations and the ongoing gifts from Women of the ELCA, the organization has been able to award more than $2.5 million since Women of the ELCA's beginning in 1988," said Strieter.

The program selection committee chose 54 projects from 120 applications it received. The committee gave priority to proposals that demonstrate community needs; make a difference in people's lives; request funding for one year and have objectives that can be achieved within that year; demonstrate significant involvement of women in planning, decision making, implementation and evaluation; and are consistent with Women of the ELCA's purpose statement, said Strieter.

The women's organization awarded $123,000 in grants to support projects in Fremont and Ontario, Calif.; Washington, D.C.; Bradenton, Fla.; Chicago, Macomb, Palatine and Rockford, Ill.; Spencer, Iowa; Atchison, Kan.; Baltimore; Marlboro, Mass.; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn.; Long Beach, Miss.; Kansas City, Mo.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Camden, N.J.; Brooklyn, Buffalo, Plattsburgh and Rochester, N.Y.; Cherokee, N.C.; Fargo, N.D.; Dayton, Toledo and Warren, Ohio; Burns and Portland, Ore.; Lock Haven, Pa.; Providence, R.I.; Sioux Falls and Vermillion, S.D.; Wichita Falls, Texas; Everett and Seattle, Wash.; Elkhorn, LaCrosse and Racine, Wis.

In addition to funds awarded through the Women of the ELCA Grants Program, special grants to programs in India were awarded through the India Endowment Fund, a legacy of predecessor women's organizations. Through this fund, Women of the ELCA awarded $21,100 in grants to primary health care organizations, education and church organizations for women and girls in India. The organization also awarded $20,000 in grants to support projects in Haiti, Jerusalem, Kenya, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]