Missouri Synod's Vice President Serve as Evangelist

Jan 01, 2003 01:33 PM EST

Wallace Schulz, the Synod Second Vice President, decided to serve as evangelist with the Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF). Schulz was formerly the Lutheran Hour radio speaker for the International Lutheran Laymen¡¦s league until September when disputes on Schulz's involvement in the investigation on the Atlantic District President David Benke culminated.

The Lutheran Heritage Foundation is an organization of the Missouri Synod that translates, publishes, and distributes Lutheran books around the world.

According to the foundation new release, Schulz will be located in the St. Louis area. There Schulz will conduct seminars, preach, and develop programs for spreading the Word of God. Also Schulz will remain as the executive editor of "Good News" mission magazine.

In the release, Schulz said, "I look forward to working with an organization that has the zeal of the Reformation, the compassion of the early Christian church and the vision of worldwide mission."

By Tony C.