The Season to Pray

Jan 04, 2003 08:57 AM EST

The prayer for world peace used by parishes, congregations, and individuals in Epiphany is now available on Church of England's websites: An Invitation to Prayer. The website was originally created to facilitate prayers after the September 11 attack. To Dr. David Hope, the Archbishop of York, this is an "appropriate" season to concentrate on prayers.

The website address is There has been 140,000 request received on the site total and 26,500 on the first day of establishment.

The new prayer was set to pray for the breakdown of peace in Israel between the Jews and the Palestinians and the situation in Iraq. The House of Bishop "urged the British Government and the International Community to continue to pursue all available peaceful means towards resolving the crisis with Iraq." The eight prayer websites established are the result of this specific call for prayer of peace.

By Tony C.