Arabic Scripture Distribution in Iraq Moves Ahead Despite Risks

( [email protected] ) May 05, 2004 08:25 AM EDT

Acts of violence against aid workers and missionaries in Iraq are on the rise. However, regardless, ministries in Iraq are working together to distribute Scriptures in the region.

According to World Bible Translation Center’s Roger Massey, the Center is working with other ministries to set up Christian schools in the Middle East to distribute more than 1,000 copies of Arabic New Testaments. Although there are risks, Massey confirms the plans to assist a Scripture distribution in the region. “I’m not able to divulge the name of the ministries that we’re working with; this is kind of for their own security reasons. But, we’re starting off by sending several thousand of our contemporary Arabic New Testaments in with a couple of different ministries that are involved in two different kinds of evangelism in Iraq.”

Because of current violence, the Center is working with closely with the indigenous church. “When ministries are establishing very good and healthy working relationships with community leaders, the Iraqis themselves vouch for and cover the workers that are there,” Massey says. “The more dug in they get, they find that that’s where their security is coming from.”

Massey urges prayer for safety and open hearts, especially in the early relationship stage, as it is often vital to the team’s safety.