Canadian Primate Speaks out on Iraq

Jan 24, 2003 12:37 PM EST

A US invasion of Iraq at this time would fail to meet any of the theological tests by which war can be justified, Archbishop Michael Peers, the Canadian Anglican Primate, says in a letter to church members.

The Unites States, Archbishop Peers says, has "introduced a new and perilous set of criteria, justifying an invasion of Iraq based on the American desire for a 'regime change' and as a hedge against the possibility of damage to the American economy should Iraq attack the Unites States."

While many Anglicans may not accept all of the principles the church applies to decide if a war is just, he adds, these principles "provide more than enough reasons to oppose this war."

Archbishop Peers notes in his letter that in opposing a US war on Iraq, the Anglican Church of Canada joins many other churches and religious organisations, including the Canadian and World Councils of Churches, the US Episcopal House of Bishops and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

He invites Canadian Anglicans to participate "in the international and ecumenical consensus opposing an invasion of Iraq."

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]