ERD Aids Solomon Islands Following Cyclone

Jan 13, 2003 01:15 PM EST

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is assisting victims in the Diocese of Temotu after Cyclone Zoe hit the Solomon Islands. The Category 5 cyclone struck the South Pacific islands hitting Tikopia and Anuta the hardest with winds of 200 mph on December 28 and 29, 2002. There were no casualties reported because many residents fled to mountain hideouts and caves for shelter. Tikopia and Anuta have an estimated combined population of 3,700. Many homes were flattened and vegetation was destroyed. At least two villages, Ravenga and Namo, were completely destroyed.

"There was also some damage to the water supply system with some water sources contaminated by dead leaves and debris giving off a foul smelling water with non-contaminated water supply available on the islands," says the Most Revd Sir Ellison Pogo, Archbishop of Melanesia.

Episcopal Relief and Development is assisting residents on the islands through a $20,000 emergency grant to the Diocese of Temotu to provide food, clothing, bedding, cooking utensils, and building materials.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]