Need and opportunity pave the way for outreach in Central America and the Caribbean

( [email protected] ) May 13, 2004 08:10 AM EDT

Worldwide Christian Schools (WCS) is partnering with the Nehemiah Center in Managua, Nicaragua in a project to reach a new ministry group within the country of Nicaragua. Currently, they are looking for volunteer teams to help them build a new school portion of a new ministry center in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Steve Guerink of WCS says, "The schools that we're working with, a lot of them fall into the category of poor and developing communities, and, without our assistance and help, there's no real good way that they can receive the Gospel of Christ through Christian education." Up until now, the ministry has helped build and assist schools in economically depressed regions of the country.

Nicaragua is one of 16 nations picked by the United States for more financial aid. The money is coming through a Millennium Challenge Account earmarked for economic growth. It's one more step the country is making to end the grinding poverty plaguing its people. At the same time, the Dominican Republic continues to struggle. The government there trying to keep from sinking into irreversible economic damage.

Both areas are facing a crossroads in change. Many families are beginning to see the value in education as a way out of generational poverty. Guerink says a combination of need and opportunity means open doors for outreach in Central America and the Caribbean.

Guerink explains that at the moment, they're getting teams ready to go for this spring, but they're also trying to fill spots for fall and winter.