Sarum College Lectures 2003

May 01, 2003 03:15 PM EDT

The fifth series of Sarum Theological Lectures, entitled The Quest for the Historical Church, are to be given by the Most Revd Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, in May 2003.

The first of four lectures in the series will be in Salisbury Cathedral (by kind permission of the Dean and Chapter):

Why does the past matter? (Monday 5 May, 7:00pm)

Learning from the Early Church (Thursday 8 May, 7:00pm)

Learning from the Reformation (Monday 12 May, 7:00pm)

History, authority and certainty (Thursday 15 May, 7:00pm)

The Archbishop, who is also an Honorary Fellow of the College, has set himself the task of opening up a theological approach to Christian history, one which is neither partisan nor propagandist, but which deepens our present thinking, obliges us to think with more varied and resourceful analogies about our present problems, and so teaches us some necessary detachment and hopefulness.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]