Virtual Bible Study through Diocesan Links

Jun 07, 2003 11:17 AM EDT

From Sunday 8 June, Christians in the Dioceses of Bradford and Salisbury will be joining with others from the Episcopal Church of Sudan and the Anglican diocese of Southwestern Virginia to form a 'virtual Bible study' - a unique way of studying a Bible passage that will give each group the perspective of different cultures.

Both English dioceses have close links with the dioceses of Sudan and Southwestern Virginia. Bridget Rees, the Links Officer for the Bradford Diocese says, "The Virtual Bible study is an excellent example of what our diocesan links with the world church are about - people in different situations, with different experiences and expectations exploring separately and together what God is saying to us in our own situations as well as together in the world. This method of Bible Study is used much in the so called third world - ordinary people reading the text and letting it speak to them directly - emotionally as well as intellectually - rather than worrying too much what theologians have said about the passage."

She added, "The groups will be studying Acts 2 during the week which begins with Pentecost Sunday. They will reflect on what God is saying to us here and now in this passage in our particular situation. Then a summary of each group's study will be circulated among the other groups who will then read it again having seen how others read God's word.

"If there's enough interest, in September we may continue the discussion or study a different passage."

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]