Churches Unite to Fight Against Racism

Jun 10, 2003 12:14 PM EDT

Churches united in Memphis to end racism and make peace in the society, GoMemphis reported on 9.

Churches from 8 denominations, which belong to the local division of Churches Uniting in Christ(CUIC), joined the Sunday service at Lindenwood Christian Church in Midtown, declaring peace and advocating changes in the society.

"We are here to fight againt racism which is our sin to repent. Christian churches should stand against racism," Rev. Joe Porter, pastor of Grace St. Luke's Episcopal Church.

Dr. C Roy Stauffer, pastor of Lindenwood Christian Church affiliated with Disciples of Christ, said "this service is the first step we took for re-establishing Christian churches' role in fighting against racism."

"We can be against what make the churches divide and persecute those who seem different," said Rev. Bill Tate, Schoolfield United Methodist Church.

CUIS is first organized after leaders of United Methodist Church, the United Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church of USA(PCUSA) and the Episcopal Church's 40-year dialog of ecumenical movement.

Stauffer emphasized "what our ecumenical movement stand for are acceptance, understanding, reconciliation and forgiveness."

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]