US Christian Radio Station Raises Funds For Indonesia Listeners

( [email protected] ) May 15, 2004 08:59 AM EDT

A greater number of Indonesians will be able to hear the Gospel following a joint effort by Trans World Radio and listeners of a Pennsylvania radio station. After surpassing their goal for raising funds by nearly double, potentially more than 20,000 people will be reached in the Southeast Asian nation.

Listeners of 107.3 FM WDBA, the Christian Station for Central and Western Pennsylvania in Dubois were asked to help Trans World Radio (TWR) place radios in Indonesia, a country dominated by Islam.

According to WDBA General Manager Dan Kennard, the project known as “Mission: Indonesia” was a 12-hour live effort to raise funds for radio kits to be distributed through Trans World Radio to listening groups in Indonesia. The goal was originally set for 500 kits, or $17,500. However, listeners met and surpassed the goal, providing $30,110 to purchase 860 radio kits to help listeners hear the Good News through Christian radio in their own language.

Kennard says listeners responded because they love Christian radio and wanted to make sure Christian radio could be heard by people other parts of the world. "We struck a cord with our listeners," he said.

Conservative estimates figure that at least 25 people are impacted with the gospel per radio. That means that as many as twenty-one thousand people or more in Indonesia will hear the Gospel--many of them for the first time.