Lutherlink to Begin Open Discussion in July

Jun 21, 2003 10:46 AM EDT

CHICAGO – The 5,000-strong online Lutheran community, Lutherlink, will begin its first round of open book discussions this July. The book in focus is “Executive Values: A Christian Approach to Organizational Leadership” by Kurt Senske. The author himself will join the upcoming session.

As an author, Senske is interested in both the subject and the discussion on the book, said Paul Edison-Swift, director of interactive media and networks of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Department for Communication. "He's very committed to the topic, very sincere," he said. "The author is crucial to a successful discussion.

According to Edison Swift, Senske’s book provides a guide to moral Christian leadership in a variety of settings.

In light of recent corporate scandals, this book is highly appropriate, Edison-Swift said. "People have not forgotten Enron and other companies, including nonprofits, that have had ethical issues," he added.

The books chosen for the discussions are published through the ELCA-run Augsburg Fortress publishing house.

"I am just thrilled about the Augsburg Fortress titles that are coming forward," Edison-Swift said.

Many of the authors chosen for discussions are part of a series of as many as 10 volumes of books on Lutheran values and traditions called “Lutheran Voices.” Senske however, is not part of the “Lutheran Voices” series.

"We wanted something for the general reader, not too academic, not for a child," said Bob Todd, publicist for Augsburg Fortress.

The discussions are open to Lutherlink or Lutherlink lite members. Lite memberships are free and open to the public, but are limited to participation in three discussion groups.

The next discussion session, slated for September, will center around "Reclaiming the 'L' Word" by Kelly Fryer.

By Pauline J.