Fees to Visit York Minster Confirmed by Archbishop

( [email protected] ) Jun 26, 2003 01:23 PM EDT

The proposal to higher the rates for visitors to York Minster has been passed by the Archbishop of York, Dr. David Hope. On the 23rd of June, the archbishop announced that the ?’4.50 charge to visit the 13th century minster has been confirmed to cover the ?’500,000 annual shortfall.

York Minster is the largest gothic building in northern Europe, with one of the finest medieval structures and the largest collection of medieval stained glass in the UK.

The new admission rate will be applied from August. Under 16s will be free and local residents may apply for free admission.

Local worshippers and staff have criticised Raymond Furnell, the former dean of the minster, for the decision to impose charges on the visitors. The diocesan synod opposed as well and voted unanimously against the proposal.

"I have reluctantly concluded and with some disappointment that, given the present situation and circumstances the chapter has little option other than to proceed with the decision," said Dr. Hope.