Church asks State for Help with Heritage

( [email protected] ) Jul 04, 2003 01:24 PM EDT

The Church Heritage Forum warned that the national "heritage" of England will be at risk unless the Church of England forms a new partnership with the Government. In 2001, the Church spent nearly 100 million pounds to repair churches and church halls.

According to a report, the Church opens its ancient church buildings to the public with no "core" funding from the Government.

Over a third of all listed buildings in the country belong to the Church of England: 13,000 of the more than 16,000 parish churches, of which 4000 are Grade 1. Because of the "heritage merit," churches could not be kept open for regular worship. If the church was left to look after it on its own, the inheritance was "at risk." But the help from the government can allow the Church to use its "wealth of experience, good practice and imaginative ideas for using our buildings to the full for the benefit of the wider community", the report says.