AG declares August 3 Day of Prayer

( [email protected] ) Jul 05, 2003 01:53 AM EDT

Assemblies of God announced August 3, 2003 as Day of Prayer, AG news reported. As the 50th General Council of Assemblies of God is going to be held in Washington DC from July 31 to August 3, the last day of the council will be the day that Christians turn to God for America.

"The day of prayer is called Turn America Sunday. We invited President Bush and other government leaders to join this prayer. Our goal is to have thousands of believers, turning to Christ in prayer," AG officials said.

The commission of inquiry also prepared a guideline to assist the churches for easier participation. The prayer guide provides seven suggested themes of prayer with over 50 points of prayer.

Office of Public Relations Internet Coordinator, Keith Surface said "the Prayer Points serve as a guide only. Individual churches are free to modify the themes and points to fit their circumstances and schedules."

The five themes are: Repentance, thanksgiving, families, church, America, the world and blessing.

Surface also added that these points are not just for the August 3 Day of Prayer. "People can freely pray with these points for all year long."

The prayer meeting is going to be at the National Mall, August 3 at 4 pm with special speakers and live music.