Initiative for Youth and Children Slated for 2004

Recognizing the connection between the youth and the Scottish Church
( [email protected] ) Nov 19, 2003 10:54 AM EST

The Board of Parish Education to the Church of Scotland plans to launch a major initiative for children and youth during the 2004 General Assembly, May 22-23. Entitled, “RAW – Ready and Willing,” the project aims to recognize the influential role of the Scottish youth to the Kirk.

"It is significant that at a time when the agenda of the Kirk seems to focus so much on money and structures that the children and young people we work with are telling us they want places where they can gather and put forward their points of view to senior church leaders,” said Doug Swanney, the national advisor in Children’s Ministry.

Around 2,000 youth, escorted by parents and mentors, are expected to attend the Glascow events along with the delegates and Moderator to the General Assembly.

"The important thing about Ready and Willing is that we have got past the stage of hearing younger voices being a novelty in the Church of Scotland. Now the challenge is for older generations to move aside and create space for the children and young people of the Church to be seen and heard. The argument is no longer about if but about when and how,” said the national youth advisor, Steve Mallon.

The weekend will emphasize the present and future role of the children currently connected to the Church.