Christian Radio Ministry Distributes Radio Sets

( [email protected] ) May 28, 2004 08:14 AM EDT

Since 1999, HCJB world radio has long distributed sturdy custom radio-sets under the “Turn the Radios On” project. This project is aimed at quickly spreading the gospel to many unreached areas of the worlds, especially to the impoverished denizens of third-world nations. As most of the intended listeners cannot afford radio-sets, HCJB world radio announced that, as part of this ambitious project, the radio ministry will work closely with various local Christian radio ministries in distributing custom fixed-tuned radio sets. The target nations of this ambitious projects include Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Burundi, Lesotho, Madagascar and Malawi.

In most developed nations, a simple radio-set seems to be a rather trivial item. But to many unreached souls, especially those living in poorer third-world countries, owning a radio-set of any form is undeniably a great luxury. In order to pay for the manufacture of the special fixed-tuned radio sets, HCJB world radio has enlisted the help of various radio ministries as well as that of many dedicated listeners from all over the world.

Costing $30 each, most families simply cannot afford this relatively sturdy and simple radio set. “Stations are having their listeners purchase a radio, or a portion of their sharathon is going towards purchasing these radios. We're sending them to many of our radio plants and this in enabling the stations to go out into their communities pass out these radios to homeless people,” explains HCJB spokeswoman Heide Jones.

Once receiving the radio-sets, Jones says, most local radio ministries will then assign distribution teams to bring the radio-sets to impoverished areas. The results, according to Jones, have been very encouraging. Jones later shared a story involving one such distribution team in Lethosos.

The team had distributed their radio-set to a group of local prostitutes. Jones concluded, “These women were just floored that these people would even give them anything, to begin with. And, as they were listening, there were four of them, that they know of, that came to Christ by listening to this radio plant.”