Multi-Christian Ministries Group Bring Gifts of Healing to Nicaragua

( [email protected] ) May 28, 2004 04:17 PM EDT

In a cooperative effort, various Christian ministries including Operation Blessing International, People in Action, People that Care, and various local churches have launched an ambitious project aimed at distributing $60 million worth of medical supplies and equipment to the South American nation of Nicaragua. In addition to bringing basic medications, sources from OBI reported that staff members hope to supply at least 10 million doses of antibodies, diabetic, high-blood pressure, and hypertension medications as well as 500,000 doses of anti-tuberculosis medication.

For many Nicaraguans, basic medical necessities such as pain-relievers, muscle-relaxants, and cough-suppressants are too expensive to acquire. In other areas of the nation, treatment for contagious diseases such as tuberculosis remains rare and, in some cases, almost unheard of. Many Nicaraguans are simply too poor to afford even the basic medical necessities that most citizens of well-developed nations enjoy.

Realizing this, many individuals with the passionate love of Christ have voluntarily put in their support for this new project. Through the prayers and support of many such individuals, project staff members were able to gather vast amounts of much-needed medical aide from various hospitals and clinics.

Delivery of the medical supplies have also been greatly aided by the dedicated efforts of individuals from various Christian ministries and churches. In one case, a local church from the mountainous Ozarks region of Arkansas donated a considerable amount in much needed funds for delivering the medical supplies. The People In Action organization also reported that many individuals have worked tirelessly to package and ship the medical supplies in the pass days.

Currently, the goal of this joint-ministry project is to ship supplies to Managua, the capital-city of Nicaragua, for distribution at hospitals dotting the east-coast of Nicaragua. This effort supported by the dedication of many individuals promises to allow many Nicaraguans to feel the kindness and compassion of many Christians from all over the world.