Fund for Children Enters “Positive and Proactive” Era

( [email protected] ) Dec 13, 2003 12:08 PM EST

The Archbishop of Wale’s fund for children will finally enter an era of “expansion” this Christmas through the patronage of Christians and Christian organizations across Wales.

The AW’s fund of children was established two years ago in the wake of the Children’s Society’s much criticized decision to withdraw from all activity in Wales. The fund, which strives to support needy children and their family in local communities, struggled to support the existing projects and to fill the vacuum left by the Children’s Society. However, this Christmas, the fund will enter a new chapter of moving toward a more “positive and proactive agenda.”

"As trustees we are delighted to be heralding this new beginning in the fund's life. While the fund's initial establishment was as a result of an unhappy event, we hope now, as the fund really begins to find its feet, to move on to a more positive and proactive agenda,” said the Chairman of Trustees, the Revd Michael Williams, during a meeting, Friday, December 12.

"During the past two years, the congregations of the Church in Wales have responded very positively to the fund and many churches have sent in the money raised during Christingle services to the fund,” added Williams “As trustees, we are now keen to see the fund move on from just supporting projects which were in existence two years ago, and to be responding to new applications as well. While precedence will be given to projects working with children within the Church in Wales and the wider Christian church, it is by no means closed to other organizations working with children in need in Wales."

The Archbishop of Wales, the Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan agreed.

"The Archbishop's fund for children has already done some excellent work during the past few years, but I am delighted to see this new development and the beginning of a more positive chapter in the fund's life,” said Morgan.

“As I travel around Wales I see a lot of excellent work being done with children, but I am also aware of the need that still exists. I hope that the Archbishop's fund for children will go some way towards supporting work with children in need in Wales."