'Jesus Film for Children' Becomes New Passion for Children in India

( [email protected] ) Jun 02, 2004 03:10 PM EDT

NEW DELHI - The next generation in India is responding overwhelmingly to ‘The Story of Jesus For Children’, the children’s version of the Jesus Film Project. An estimated 70 million non-Christians have watched the film in India since its debut; translation into regional languages is reported to have been very effective.

'The story of Jesus for Children' was broadcasted recently, during which an estimated 35 million children and their parents experienced the gospel, as seen through the eyes of the children who appear in this special version of 'Jesus'.

The broadcast has received overwhelmingly unprecedented responses. Over 9,500 letters were received in the first three weeks following the broadcast. And some long distance calls received, requesting them to send them for the copies. The film is expected to be one of the most effective instruments for evangelism in India.

“As children watch, hear, understand and respond to the gospel, their chance of getting into an intimate relationship with God may not be far away,” reported an India-based Christian newspaper. “This project is an effective, long-term mission strategy.”

The film will continue to be shown in various parts of the country. Further information and contacts for JESUS FILM PROJECT can be found on their website - www.jesusfilm.org