Thousands Protest Against Gay “Marriages” in Connecticut

( [email protected] ) Jan 27, 2004 12:49 PM EST

Nearly 3,000 Christians across Connecticut gathered at the First Cathedral in Bloomfield to protest against any state legislation that would give marriage rights to same-sex couples, Sunday, January 25.

The Connecticut Coalition of Churches, which sponsored Sunday’s “One Vision, One Voice” protest, said the event was not only a chance to oppose same-sex unions, but also a “"chance for Christians to unite in support of relevant social issues and the enduring message of the love of God.”

"Today's unique challenges require good people of faith who are united in their efforts," said Bishop LeRoy Bailey Jr., senior pastor of First Cathedral, which prides itself as the largest protestant church in the New England area. "Together we will proclaim our one clear vision with one thundering voice."

Several gay-rights activists including Frank O’Gorman of the Hartford chapter of Dignity USA – a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Catholics and their supporters, opposed Sunday’s gathering.

"Marriage is a fundamental institution that recognizes the relationship between two people based on love, partnering, trust, and it's really important for our dignity to recognize our relationships as marriages because that is what they are," O'Gorman said.

However, protestors disagreed, asserting that homosexual marriage is not a right that needed to be given.

"Everything gay people are really looking for can be accomplished short of marriage," said Bishop Jay Martinez, president of the church coalition.

"It's male and female. We believe anything outside of that is outside of God's order," said Martinez,

The coalition plans for a rally at the state Capitol on February 8, to coincide with this year’s legislative sessions, which begin February 4.