PCUSA Appoints 34 New Missionaries

( [email protected] ) Feb 20, 2004 11:39 PM EST

LOUISVILLE — The Worldwide Ministries Division of the Presbyterian Church USA appointed 34 new mission workers to serve the spiritually needy around the world, during the General Assembly Council on Feb. 14, 2003.

In addition to the 34 new appointments, the WMD re-assigned 27 others, and extended the terms of service for 10 more.

The following is the list of newly appointed mission co-workers:

Keiko and Robert Butterfield, Brazil; Susanne Carter and Ken Jones, South Africa; Diane and John Davis and Marsha Towers, Mexico; Cecile De Sweemer, Congo; Kathrin Griggs and Mark Hare, Haiti; Dorothy Hanson, Ethiopia; Khanita Intharesut, Thailand; Gail and George McBane, Pakistan; Barbara Nagy, Malawi; Douglas Orbaker, Nicaragua; Jonna Reeder, Tajikistan; Bethany Graves, United States.

The following is the list of reappointed and reassigned mission co-workers:

Jeff and Christi Boyd, Cameroon; Jim and Carol Brees, Pakistan; Judy Chin Chan, Hong Kong; Linnis Cook, Farris and Thelma Goodrum and Archibald Woodruff, Brazil; Paul Mathaney and Mary Nebelsick, the Philippines; Donald and Laurie Marsden, Russia; Ann and William Moore, Japan; James and Jodie McGill, Malawi; Shannon Langley, from the Dominican Republic to the United States; Berkhard Paetzold, Germany; Anne and John Wheeler-Waddell, Ethiopia; Elizabeth McCormick and Barry Almy, Sudan.

The following is the list of mission co-workers whose terms were extended or amended:

Michael Parker, Rwanda; Leisa Wagstaff, Zimbabwe; Beverly Booth, Nepal; Michele and Steven Kurtz, Croatia; Donald and Martha Wehmeyer, Mexico; Juan and Manuela Kauer, Argentina; Scott Satterfield, Thailand.

The following volunteers were appointed for long-term missions:

Adrian and Julie Bird, India; Duk Yoon Chang and Juno Lee, China; Charlotte Gott and Earline and Otis Smith, Malawi; John and Jean Linton, Korea; Melanie Mitchell, Spain; Brice Rogers, Egypt.

The following volunteers were appointed for short-term missions:

Jon Closson and James Pellot, Malawi; Niles and Winifred Reimer, Ethiopia; Barbara Barham, Liberia.

The following volunteers were reappointed, or had missions terms of service amended or extended:

Ashley Chae, South Korea; Thomas Geotz, Japan; Brice and Phyllis Little, Spain and Portugal; Martha Quirarte, U.S.-Mexico border area; Amy Davisson, Thailand; Bethany and Sean Walker, Tajikistan.