Interview with National Association of Evangelicals’ Dr. Bob Wenz

“We are standing with all those in favor of protecting marriage.”
( [email protected] ) Mar 01, 2004 01:50 PM EST

In lieu of the provocative tide of debates surrounding the legalization of homosexual “marriage” and blessings of same-sex unions in the church, the National Association of Evangelicals Vice President of National Ministries, Dr. Bob Wenz, voiced his concerns and views in an exclusive interview with the Christian Post staff, March 1.

What has happened nationally in terms of the issuance of gay “marriage” licenses in recent months?”

“It is in fact a complex issue in terms of what is happening. In part, the issue ha been raised because of those who to interpret the law and constitution in an activist position; activism says judges, not legislators, make law, and that this is the highest authority,” said Dr. Wenz.

“We are aware of the numbers of the gay and lesbian minority in our country, and they and their friends have found that there is inadequate support in the legislature for them. Therefore, they called for judicial activists and sympathetic mayors to make this sort of law and decision that should be made by the legislation,” Dr. Wenz explained.

Why have they, as the minority, been receiving so much support?”

“The gay and lesbian minority in our country represents only about 2 percent of the American public, but they are joined by a large sympathetic group of people who are committed to the view that sexual pleasure is a right that no one should tamper with,” Dr. Wenz said. “A fairly large part of the population says, “That is not my concern what they do in private.”

“This is a profound issue,” continued Dr. Wenz. “While two-thirds of the population do not agree with gay “marriage.” However, two thirds of the population says they do not want to infringe upon the civil rights of gay people. Therefore, the result is that two thirds would rather have civil unions that would grant rights to homosexuals without calling it “marriage.”

“However,” Dr. Wenz pointed out, “The homosexual minority is not satisfied. They are not satisfied because rights are not what they are wanting. They are wanting the blessings and rights of the society and government for what they are doing.”

“But the two-thirds are not saying okay. They do not believe what they are doing is right,” Dr. Wenz continued. “[homosexuality] is contrary to God's creative order. This is a counterfeit to what God created.”

What do you fear would happen if homosexual “marriages” are legalized?”

“There is a fear that down the road, churches will be required to recognize gay “marriages” or suffer consequences. Though it is not happening at this point, I can see that churches may be required to offer same-sex “marriages,” or lose their benefits such as tax exemption.”

The debate over homosexuality has already been reverberating within the Church walls. Several denominations have ordained openly gay and practicing gay pastors, and others have given same-sex “marriage” blessing ceremonies. What do you say to the events that are happening in the church?”

“Certainly, each denomination has the right to make its own ultimate authority,” began Dr. Wenz. “If their highest authority is the word of God, they would retreat from the gay agenda. However, if their highest authority is the cultural norm, they will remain this way, accepting such behavior under the premise of openness, tolerance and embracing.”

“Every denomination has to determine what their ultimate authority is,” Dr. Wenz continued. “If they believe that the bible is subject to man’s reinterpretation and rewording, then they would further advance homosexuality. However, if they are under God’s law, they would stop.”

You said before that Christians must “stand together for biblical truth.” What does this entail?

“The church obviously has to reaffirm what it believes about human sexuality and be unequivocal about it. The church must reapply the biblical standards,” said Dr. Wenz. “There is a difference between the church and the outside culture, and Christians should live according to what we believe, not be worried about how others think.”

“We [Christians] should first get our own act together,” said Dr. Wenz. “That can only happen through a biblical understanding of God’s word.”

There are several campaigns launched by pro-family groups to protect marriage. Is the NAE, or NAE affiliates in support of such campaigns?

“What we are interested in doing is preserving marriage,” said Dr. Wenz.

“Therefore, we are standing with all those in favor of protecting marriage.”