San Francisco Case Slated for March 29th

( [email protected] ) Mar 01, 2004 09:40 PM EST

The pro-family Campaign for California Families announced that it would keep March 29th as the date to continue the hearing Thomasson vs. Newsom, the case that aims to uphold California state law protecting marriage as between a man and a woman, March 1, 2004.

Plaintiff Randy Thomasson and Campaign for California Families will return to the courtroom of Judge Ronald Quidachay of the San Francisco Superior Court, where they first filed the case on Feb. 20.

At the hearing, Judge Quidachay concluded that both sides were ill prepared to fully argue the case, which would set precedence as a future reference to similar trials that would be likely to follow.

Another pro-family group, the Alliance Defense Fund, which received a similar ruling during a similar case on Feb 18, also will join the CCF at March 29th hearing.

In the meantime, the ADF filed another suit on behalf of new plaintiffs against San Francisco County Clerk Nancy Alfaro, for personally giving same-sex “marriage” licenses alongside San Francisco’s nuisance mayor Newsom.

Similarly, CCF filed suit against Attorney General Bill Lockyer, who, despite the governor Arnold Swartezennerg’s call to end such sanctions, remained dormant.