Ecumenical Advocacy Days Begin This Week

( [email protected] ) Mar 02, 2004 10:21 AM EST

WASHINGTON, DC -- Several hundred attendees are expected to gather for the second annual Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace Conference, March 5-8 in Arlington, Va.

The attendees will not only hear reports of recent work in North Korea and Liberia as well as other West African Countries, they will discuss major issues that are striking the world as key “trouble spots.”

On the last day, the participants will hold lobbying meetings on Capitol Hill in support of trade justice and peace in targeted regions.

Keynote presenters and speakers include ecumenical leaders from across the states:

Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia, new General Secretary of the World Council of Churches and former head of the National Council of Churches of Kenya; Rev. Syngman Rhee, a Korean American born in North Korea, former President of the National Council of Churches USA and former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA); Rt. Rev. Andudu Elnail, Anglican Bishop of Kadugli-Nuba Mountains, Sudan; Rev. Bernice Powell Jackson, Executive Minister of Justice and Witness Ministries of the United Church of Christ; Rev. Jim Winkler, General Secretary of the United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society; Rev. Milton Mejia, noted peace leader of the Presbyterian Church, Barrnaquilla, Colombia; Neville Gabriel, Coordinating Secretary, Justice and Peace Department, South Africa Catholic Bishops' Conference; Bishop C. Dale White (ret.), United Methodist Church, Rhode Island; Rev. Dr. Robert Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of Churches USA