NY Rejects Homosexuals’ Plea to Marry

( [email protected] ) Mar 05, 2004 08:06 AM EST

Hundreds of gay couples lined the streets outside the New York City clerk’s office, rallying for the “right” to “marry,” March 4, 2004. However, the only document the clerk handed to them was a fifty-page rejection letter that included the state and city’s legal opinions: New York prohibits same-sex “marriages.”

Thursday’s rejection was just one additional block placed before pro-gay activists in the east coast state. On Wednesday, the mayor of New Paltz, NY, who issued “marriage” licenses to two dozen homosexual couples, was charged with 19 criminal counts. The same day, Eliot Spitzer, the attorney general of New York, clearly stated that the New York law prohibits same-sex “marriages.” Mayor of New York city, Michael Bloomberg, also promised to enforce the law by rejecting the homosexual couples’ plea to “marry.”

Meanwhile, pro-family groups in the west coast state of California urged the state attorney general to indict the mayor of San Francisco on 3,400 criminal counts for issuing “marriage” licenses to that many gay couples since Feb 12. The attorney general, while confessing that the law prohibits such “marriages,” refused to indict the defiant SF mayor, but instead pushed the responsibility off to the courts. According to the pro-family groups, the mayor is violating 10 California state laws by “marrying” homosexual couples.