Lutherans Begin "Let the Children Come" Observance for Education

( [email protected] ) Mar 08, 2004 02:18 PM EST

The 200 elementary and secondary schools and 1,800 early childhood education centers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church began the weeklong “Let the Children Come” celebration across the nation, March 7. Some 20,000 teachers and 250,000 children who engage in the ELCA schools will strive for a great dedication to education as well as a greater commitment to faith throughout the week.

"Over the years, thousands of children have come to Lutheran schools to learn," said the Rev. Mark S. Hanson, presiding bishop of the ELCA. “They have learned about language, the world, science and mathematics, but they have also learned that they are God's beloved children. As bearers of God's Good News for the world, they embody hope for the future."

Every year, the childhood centers and elementary and secondary schools of ELCA, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and Wisconson Evanelical Lutheran Synod, becomes the focus of the nationwide denomination as they call attention to the importance of establishing faith in early childhood.

This year, the ELCA Division for Higher Education provided special worship, classroom Bible study and all-school activity resources for participating schools.

"Lutheran schools and centers provide environments whose mission it is to provide children and families with safe, caring and nurturing communities where they can grow, learn and look to the gospel to shape their futures. ELCA schools and centers are places where children and youth are encouraged to come and be a part of the global community that is their world," said Donna R. Braband, assistant director for schools, ELCA Division for Higher Education and Schools.

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